GOAL: Build 101 websites by September 17th, 2019


I'm Trixie, a "webwhore" since the year 2000 (when I started camming for money). I started blogging, doing phone sex, and building my own adult paysites (porn sites) soon after. Before youtube or facebook even existed!

In the past almost-twenty years, I've built half-a-dozen paysites (including the award-winning adults-only DeliaTS.com with my wife) ... and compulsively bought over a hundred domain names / dotcoms. Most of them just wasting money year-after-year and/or embarrassing me.

WebWhore101 is a ONE YEAR challenge to myself to BUILD A HUNDRED (and one) DOMAINS into sites that make money, contribute something positive to the world, or at least pay for themselves.

Follow me on this year-long journey as I share my progress, what I've learned in almost two decades of being a webmaster, blogger and internet-based sex worker ... and turn it into gold! Either that, or find out it's time to retire.