STATUS: Active

SITE TYPE: Membership-based paysite. Free blog, tours, and members-only area. Updates weekly with a photo set or video for members.

DeliaTS is our most valuable site containing our most profitable body of content. It features homemade pornographic photos and videos of my wife, Delia. It has the most proven earning potential of any of our/my sites, and it should be my top priority to maximize its potential. But for some reason(s) it's taking me a really long time to update/redesign it.

If I could only keep one of the 101 domains, this is the one it should be.


  1. IN PROGRESS: Redesign free area with updated content & responsive design maximized for sales/membership signups
  2. IN PROGRESS: Promote heavily: create & post promotional content for social media, tubes, picposts, affiliates, etc.
  3. Create a tour optimized for affiliates/webmasters to promote
  4. Shoot & edit enough content to have updates queued & ready for three months to a year
  5. IN PROGRESS: resume blog updates & post in free area regularly
  6. IN PROGRESS: promote TrixieCams and Clips4Sale from free area / convert traffic that doesn't want a membership and/or wants live/interactive content
  7. Advertise from almost alllllllllll of the other one hundred websites
  8. Redesign members-only area
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