Author: Trixie

Experimenting with WP Themes & Plugins

With one-click wordpress installs on a bunch of domains and a few different hosts, I started experimenting with different themes, site builders, and pre-packaged fancy stuff over the past couple of years. What have I learned? Well ... for now it's better to just stick with a couple of simple things and one premium-ish doohickie (elegant themes: Divi). It's unmanageable and hard to keep track of all of this stuff AND I've noticed these sites (with hardly any content on them) sometimes load REALLLLLLY SLOWLY. I don't have time to keep track of all of it and troubleshoot and add back in one at a time SO for now when I don't have time to play around with all of them, I'm just deactivating all that stuff. A lot of the stuff has promise and I want to play around with it (AI, SEO, etc.) but honestly most of it just seems to be slowing stuff down, doesn't play well with each other, and/or are full of upsells (which I'm open to IF I were actually using them and sure that they work). Like, I'm suspicious even of the SUPER CACHE whateverish plugin that is often pre-checked to auto-install. I'm not seeing any evidence it speeds anything up, and more often seems to be the culprit in making it nuisances from an admin and author perspective. Playing around with...

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How To Retire From WebWhoring: YOU CAN’T

Looking up webwhores who launched their sites around the same time I did or earlier, a couple of things are clear to me: Even the savviest, most-experienced among us make BIG MISTAKES when it comes to retiring. The thing sticking out to me this week is shuttering your site and doing a good job of clearly stating you're putting the thing to bed (in a non-sexy, no-longer-updating way) ... BUT FAILING TO MONETIZE YOUR SITE. Failing to keep making money -- PASSIVE income -- on a property you built that is still worth money. The only excuse I can think of for this is if you are already VERY wealthy. -OR- you are just not as savvy as I thought you were: you do not know how the really good money in this game is made. This is where it's almost like I have willful ignorance: an unwillingness to accept that women -- the very VAST majority of webwhores -- do not know how to make smart money with their personal porn. Even though that is what WebWhore101 is building up to teaching because I KNOW YOU DON'T KNOW THIS STUFF, and even if you do (like me), you somehow ... don't think it's for you! I have known this shit since 2001 and here it is 2023 -- twenty-two whole years later and I'm still struggling to turn...

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