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Day 121?

Yesterday I achieved 120 days in a row of doing a certain WebWhore task. Not to be confused with the thing I've blogged about abstaining from for 120 days. This one I'm recording as an accomplishment today is an active daily achievement of actually DOING something, as opposed to NOT doing something. I considered giving myself a day off from it, but I don't want to break my streak. I like doing it! And I love the number...

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Hosting Adult Sites with Mainstream Providers

Making some big decisions about our new site (the big important one that will be my flagship). One of the big decisions is actually more of a small one: I’m moving the new next-big site over to cheap mainstream hosting and building up on it from there. This cybernews post with recommendations for mainstream hosting companies that provide hosting for adult websites also recognizes that “adult hosting” includes more than sexually-explicit content, but also gambling, and other adult-oriented products. I’m going to try one of the providers on this list. Mainstream hosting has gotten better while the host I’ve...

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Simple Grit for WebWhores

... and other Self-Employed Stay-at-Home Set-Your-Own-Schedule Creative Introverted Independent Entrepreneurs When I recently heard about “The Hard Thing Rule” for cultivating grit, it reinforced my resolve to become a morning person. Waking up early is not something most people do by choice, and especially not as early as I’ve been aiming for, so … definitely gritty. And it’s the ultimate choice of doing the hard thing FIRST since waking up is literally the very first thing we do every day, straddling the gap between sleep and consciousness. Since then I’ve been looking out for other “gritty” things I can do. Stuff that is rough on my skin. Stuff that I kind of grit my teeth to try and get through, especially stuff that is physically challenging. Opportunities to engage my whole body or at least be aware of it in a different way. Like finishing off my shower with a few minutes of cold water, but NOT calling back a bill collector or other sedentary tasks. Switching gears is hard for me. I have a very difficult time transitioning from one task to another. Even when I switch from one sedentary task to another sedentary task, it definitely helps (but adds more of a gritty challenge) to PHYSICALLY switch things up. To move my body in between the task I am finishing and the new task I hope to...

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I decided on purpose to fail to get up by 7:13 (really need to catch up on sleep) ... but then heard my loud desktop WHIRRING through earplugs and thought it was the garbage truck, remembering we absolutely HAD to try to get our kitchen cleaning excess garbage out to the curb ... so I sprang out of bed at 7:24 and took care of that, which was awesome. But already ... failed. And decided to skip body movement in favor of playing games basically which makes me owe another $5. Very sleepy so keeping the three things simple: Log THREE things I learned from THREE different videos Pilot Metropolitan should be highlighted as a top 5 rec for any price tier almostGoulet says $15reinforces my desire to get onedrawbacks: reinforces info/knowledge that PILOT is a good JAPANESE pen manufacturerto do: blog about how you can't tell what country manufacturer is by name (ex. Pilot vs Kaweco)converter that comes with it is OPAQUE so you can't see how much ink you have leftPilot Platinum Preppy "a classic known allllll throughout the fountain pen world" in part because it is included with a lot of the noodler's 4.5 oz ink bottles ~min 2:50 - I definitely do want to try these out, and can see now that it is a very good rec - under $4it's a clear pen so...

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