17 years ago today -- May 1st, 2002 -- I opened the tastytrixie.com members-only area for business.

Today I launched my very first NON-ADULT site. Not just a hobby site I threw up for shits and giggles, either. And not just something with a non-porn content focus that I built intending to ADVERTISE our porn sites using mainstream topics and content to attract traffic for the purpose of funneling it over to the porn side of me and my porn sites.

The site I launched today has an actual business plan and vision to make money ON ITS OWN MERIT. Monetizing the actual non-adult content directly.

Will it be a lot of money? DOUBTFUL.

Is my vision for it to REPLACE my porn income and our porn sites? FUCK NO.

But it's an important diversification of my ... portfolio.

I am so stoked to be able to

  • use powerful civilian tools like mailchimp that are off-limits to anyone advertising sexual content or porn
  • be able to harness social media like instagram, twitter and facebook without being shadowbanned or losing my account(s) and followers completely
  • enjoy the privilege of extremely low payment processing fees instead of the exorbitant "high-risk" fees we pay to sell porn
  • raise awareness and money for political causes - especially local ones - without the EXTRA risks of associating that kind of work (and totally compromising my privacy to a cunt-deep level) with my already-stigmatized and risky sex work
  • not worry about alienating or losing an audience I've had for almost two decades
  • create artistic, dorky, spiritual, and/or controversial work that allows me to grow at my own pace WITHOUT constantly tweaking it to sexualize it, dumb it down to dick level, or "make up" for the loss of hard-ons that asexual and/or political content generally causes.
  • not owe the shitty fucking bro club porn industry a single morsel of "respect", tolerance, or attention / not have to compromise in any way to fit into their exploitative bullshit schemes where they take enormous cuts of our money AND degrade us, give our work and art away for free, etc.
  • just fucking AGE and present myself naturally and appropriately

Of course, that last one is not as clearcut as I just made it sound. I'm actually first excited to NOT PRESENT MYSELF AT ALL. Not have a gender. Not even have a face or a name. But in the long run that may be counterproductive/hamper the new site's potential success; people like content made by A PERSON. A human they can see and become attached to. And people are more easily influenced by (and like spending money on) people they find attractive. So. If I'm able to present myself as a moderately/sometimes attractive human, why would I limit my earning and influence potential with invisibility? Ohhhh ... SO MANY REASONS.

We'll see what happens!

I'm looking forward to not having to wonder if (or how much of) the REASON I'm *not* making sales is because of being consigned to the porn ghetto.