Super helpful advice I came across recently:

@ADHDdesigner describes F.B.W. (Fast, Bad, Wrong) as an approach for herself / "ADHD perfectionists" (I totally relate / am one of those):

Fast, bad, wrong. If you have an overwhelming task, try doing it as fast as you can, aiming to do it badly, and expecting it to be wrong. Going back & fixing it after you’ve done it badly is way easier than trying to get it right the 1st time

@ADHDdesigner on twitter, Jan 22, '21

This tip reinforces advice my 7th grade English teacher gave us: Don't get it RIGHT, get it WRITTEN. Crank those fucking words and ideas out without second-guessing shit. Edit later. Coincidentally or synchronously, it feels like, this year I've committed with a friend to doing morning pages, so that is really helping me combine these tips and PRACTICE. And I *love* it!

Man, I fucking struggled with that. I struggled so hard with drafting things. As a procrastinator I didn't have time, and as a perfectionist it seemed gross anyway. Anyway, FBW is a great reminder of that, and framed to apply it to so many other things. Although people in the thread wisely pointed out you shouldn't apply it to *everything*, which I totally agree with. Like ... definitely don't apply that "you got this" attitude to everything, because you definitely don't got some shit that is dangerous to fake and go fast through on a careless or amateur level.

Okay there was something I did where I used this approach maybe it was a blog entry somewhere IDK wtf? YES a post.

I actually set up a wordpress installation especially for drafting shit -- a domain I can keep maintained JUST for this, so I am not getting stymied by shit like this where I want to write something for an older unmaintained blog installation or one that's been hacked or whatever, and can just WRITE THE SHIT.

Which reminds me of the challenge I'm having now with a) being ready to BE A WRITER (or at least write a lot more / make that part of my work a foundational focal point), but b) on the horns of a dilemma between handwriting shit and typing it. Morning pages started fairly soon after I set myself up with a new desk DEDICATED just to writing (not *computing* or any other webwhore work, so NO COMPUTER at it), a tablet and a fancy wireless keyboard to go with it. So now I am having this (stupid?) paralysis over whether or not to handwrite or type shit out.

Man ... stop this shit. They are both good. Either/or. Just do it. FBW! Being a perfectionist about the TOOL used to write is probably even nuttier than being a perfectionist about the CONTENT right out of the gate. Fucking ... RUN. Bare feet or whatever shoes you have at hand. You'll figure out if you have a preference with more PRACTICE.