Yup. Here I am without even a clear presentation of my current three goals to do/create 101 somethings (build 101 websites, publish 101 ebooks, earn money from 101 different sources of income) and I'm adding MORE (101 songs, 101 legwear videos, 101 short stories, 101 different rooms, 101 guided meditations, etc.).

I just read something today about emotional immaturity. It said one of the top two symptoms of emotional immaturity is being UNREALISTIC (also a hallmark of adult attention deficit disorder).

Lately I am rolling this character defect (or, less judgmentally, this human TRAIT) of mine around in my mouth, getting comfortable with saying it and acknowledging it as part of me: I AM OFTEN UNREALISTIC. Being unrealistic is a source of suffering (disappointment, embarrassment, lowered self-esteem, risk-taking with poor returns, etc.), but also a source of hope, optimism, and my willingness to do and experience things most other people are not doing and experiencing. . Is it just "emotional immaturity"? Or could you call it youthful vigorous energy, suspension of disbelief, and an anything-is-possible mentality that leads me to live life exceptionally? I may have also picked up a book recently about how your crazy narcissism, anxiety, depression, etc. MIGHT also be your SUPERPOWER (or something like that) so ...

One of the many ways I am unrealistic is UNDERESTIMATING THE AMOUNT OF REST AND SLEEP I NEED. I know I am not alone in this. So today I am mulling over "101 'weekends' OFF", or "101 vacations", or "101 introvert escapes" ... something like that.

As a compromise, I'm pretty sure I'll be adding "101 FOCUSED FLOW WEEKS" to my WebWhore101 Goals. Because part of the problem is not that I'm being unrealistic about my capacity to be prolific. I am being unrealistic about how many different jobs I can do in one day/week. I am unrealistic about my capacity to switch gears multiple times a day, multi-task, and again, I am not alone here; *most* people these days are trying to tackle way too much in life every day, every work week, every weekend, completely ignoring the science that proves IT DOES NOT WORK. It doesn't! Instead of doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that all while we're on the phone and checking email and putting out fires and washing the dishes, we need more time in flow to accomplish things and feel good about them (and ourselves and life in the process). So! 101 weeks. With each week focused on ONE project. No housework, no cooking, no email, no social media (unless one of those is my chosen ONE THING to focus on that week). Preferably off-site / away from home / in a dedicated space carved out for working on the project with no interruptions or distractions.