Thinking a lot about vlogging lately after thinking a lot about writing, on top of thinking about how THE CLOCK IS TICKING. On life, on bill due dates, on how long we can rely on webwhoring (the whoriest parts, anyway) for money.

Realizing that vlogging is faster in some ways than writing, and maybe I've had it backwards. Vlogging can be a way to outline and draft things you want to write about. Some people actually DO write by vlogging using speech to text software.

There are so many things I want to talk about and share and learn (by talking and sharing), it is not possible to write them all lucidly or even just half-assedly. And maybe not all of the things need that. Maybe it is better to explore ideas and information by mulling them over with a camera, and engage more conversational parts of the brain instead of tripping over typing things trying to get the words lined out right, suppressing (and not harnessing the benefits of) the talky-energy.

Thinking about this after revisiting members-only vlogs I recorded from 2007 through 2010. Recognizing they were much more valuable than I gave them credit for.