A few days ago I posted this embarrassing failing-webwhore semi-rant: HUMILIATING PUBLIC VIEW COUNTS ON TWITTER.

Since then (and *because* of that) I made a decision to focus on posting relevant promos WITH EYE CANDY, and ... it worked. This tweet has gotten 146.8k views since I posted it yesterday:


Is that true or is Elon blowing smoke up my ass?

I don't know, but it makes sense since my wife retweeted it and she has 178.3k followers. Someone else with a lot of followers must've also been in on the retweets, too. And I am gaining followers because of it. And the views on my tweets since then have been less humiliating than prior.

It's not like I never tweeted anything with good eye candy before this, but anyway -- I am grateful for the nudge, even if it hasn't so far resulted in a ton of sales conversions. One way I can check the accuracy of twitter's stats is to look in Google analytics and see if the link clicks match up to what twitter says.

It's definitely interesting to observe these conversations I'm having with myself. What I found noteworthy in the process of blogging this is my complete failure to give any credit to the hotness of the photo posted, and the work and person depicted in it. A striking photo I took of my beautiful hot wife that is, shall we say, graphically interesting ... among other things.

Of course, it seems like they've shadowbanned her since then, or changed something, because today when I went to tag her in a tweet/promo with an image of her, searching for her did not return her account the way it did when I posted the stripey-dress tweet that is the subject of this entry/study, so I couldn't tag her.

It's all pretty crazy.