Looking up webwhores who launched their sites around the same time I did or earlier, a couple of things are clear to me:

Even the savviest, most-experienced among us make BIG MISTAKES when it comes to retiring. The thing sticking out to me this week is shuttering your site and doing a good job of clearly stating you're putting the thing to bed (in a non-sexy, no-longer-updating way) ... BUT FAILING TO MONETIZE YOUR SITE. Failing to keep making money -- PASSIVE income -- on a property you built that is still worth money.

The only excuse I can think of for this is if you are already VERY wealthy. -OR- you are just not as savvy as I thought you were: you do not know how the really good money in this game is made. This is where it's almost like I have willful ignorance: an unwillingness to accept that women -- the very VAST majority of webwhores -- do not know how to make smart money with their personal porn. Even though that is what WebWhore101 is building up to teaching because I KNOW YOU DON'T KNOW THIS STUFF, and even if you do (like me), you somehow ... don't think it's for you! I have known this shit since 2001 and here it is 2023 -- twenty-two whole years later and I'm still struggling to turn myself around OVER and OVER again, reminding myself ... this IS for you. THIS is how you do it! It is NOT too late. By now you should be able to clearly see THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY, and the top priority. The thing with the power to fuel allllllll of the other stuff you want to do. Creative stuff. Good stuff. FUEL IT WITH THIS.

Here's the other problem: TUBE SITES. And other platforms that profit from and distribute stolen content. You *can't* retire. You are NEVER going to be gone off the internet. They will KEEP posting your naked body and multimedia sex work. So if retirement is in your plan, your retirement plan should still be a BUSINESS plan with some way of capturing some compensation on the continued feeding off of your body of work.

Even if it is is just to continue paying for your dot com, posting some of your content (for free that is already being posted for free) and linking to a couple of sponsors and/or favorite charities or orgs.

Having said that, I know it is not "just" paying for your dot com, like that is so EASY, when it really isn't, and can still be a tax / legal / tech / admin HEADACHE for not-enough-payoff. I do understand why people have just fallen off the map and must be doing whatever they can to ignore how they are being exploited by porn & tube bros & "fans". Also, a lot of people have fallen off of the map because of horrible costly divorces, separations and/or custody battles and could not afford in any way to preserve any presence themselves, let alone capitalize on it, especially in any way that would ever compensate them for what they've gone through or would have to go through with their exes, etc. to make it viable or worth it. In some cases, the problem has been stalkers where one psycho dogged a webwhore so horribly that no amount of money could compensate them for maintaining any presence online that could be traced to them or provide any sort of opportunity to continue being targeted by their menacers.

I could be wrong (I mean ... some of these people know how much traffic they were / not getting to their site/s, and perhaps the math would never make sense even with super high-converting programs with lifetime payouts on high-dollar services). Maybe the payoff of "I am no longer trying to make ANY money off of ALL of the work I did for so many years that I know you wankers are still going to be jerking to for DECADES TO COME and are probably going to make AI content based off me at some point in the near future that I will now never see a dime of" good-vibe bon voyage message of gratitude is more rewarding than money. Preserving a legacy of "I did this for FUN, not to make money, guys!" and such. I don't know. It's still just really hard for me to fathom not putting up even one money-making link.