Why do I continue to feel shame, self-consciousness and uncertainty about earning the most money the smartest way? How come I am not more excited, celebratory and hopeful about the sales I make and checks I earn via affiliate marketing? Why do I need to keep schooling and reverse-mind-fucking myself to feel CONFIDENT and LASER-FOCUSED about my work in this capacity?

I should feel PROUD of my expertise and unshakeable in my visions.

Instead I feel like some kind of stupid, miserable, daydreaming fool and con-man/criminal.

It's such fucking nonsense that THE FIRST AWARD I GOT AS A WEBWHORE WAS FOR MONEY-MAKING IN THIS WAY. So what did I do? Not the smart thing. Did I build on that success? Nope.

I could write a book about all of the reasons why people like me think and act stupidly on this front, and all of the reasons why we shouldn't. But for now what I need to do is ACT. Differently. Rewire my thinking.

Maybe writing about all the reasons could help me design the blueprint for rewiring my circuits?