One of my favorite sexy webwhores that I follow on OnlyFans posted a picture of herself sprawled out in fine form on a massage table in her own (what I call) WebWhore Headquarters. The whole office is clean and orderly with a strong basic tidy black on white aesthetic (with some vivid violet accents) and minimal decorations.

On top of everything being TIGHT, what really stood out for me was A BIG HUGE SIGN above her desk's monitor with very clear money goal reminders. In stark boldfaced white letters on a back background (under a heading chopped off so I can't read it):

(headline I can't read)
$200/day = $50k/year
$400/day = $100k/year
$1k/day = $250k/year
$4k/day = $1M/year

I was struck by the clarity. And I was bowled over by seeing it POSTED and shared with all of us who follow her free account (which I know includes a lot of people who resent ANYONE but *especially* women and *especially* sex workers making a lot of money or even just DECENT money or even allowing themselves to IMAGINE and AIM FOR making decent money. Posted without apology or explanation. The motivational money goals/reminder is not the focus of the image: her hot body is, but it's honestly pretty rare that you see any webwhore's actual workstation from her POV the way that it really is. It's rare you see any of the planning tools and logs and schedules and notes and stuff. So it inspired and emboldened me and made me admire her even more: unapologetic clear money goals in big bold letters and numbers. Hit these benchmarks every day and gross the basic math yearly.

That this image is so striking to me is a perfect example demonstrating how fucked up, puritanical, self-conscious, fearful and guilt-riddled my ideas about money are. AND VAGUE. Even when I do have the money goals posted in a place where I can see them in my webwhore headquarters, they are in small handwritten notes. I mean, *I* think they are big because they're written with a relatively fat black sharpie! And posted "in public"! On (medium but okay that's still f'n small) neon post-it notes! Where anyone can see them who comes through the house!!! So I try not to let anyone in the house where they can see my private shameful dreams and messes.

I am mortified by the idea of anyone seeing what my visions are. And also crazy if I think anyone could actually see the specifics of any of that on the way to fuck in the bedroom or whatever, or would even be interested. Not to mention I rarely actually have a specific money goal. I thought I was really growing and thinking BIG by drawing pictures of what I want, like a sketch of my wife playing bass and an outline of an idea of a music studio. But looking at Queen Karma's big clear sign, I see how I AM DOING IT WRONG. Or rather, I could do it like she does! Boldly! Clearly! Specifically! The thing that needs to be done every day to get to the goal(s). A simple fucking number every day to strive for.

I've definitely had numbers to strive for every day before, off and on, but again ... they were rarely so clear and big. When they were specific, they'd be pretty lowball numbers, like just enough to pay the bills. And not a number I actually could remember every day and DEFINITELY not a number I posted in a gigantic font on the wall! It would be hidden in a custom ledger I created and kept in a notebook and was usually too depressed to look in and log stuff on daily.

Another way I'd obfuscate the money part is to figure out how much money I "should" be making, and figure out how many paysite members we'd need to maintain to achieve that, and THAT number (the number of members) would be the clear goal. Not the actual money part. Which honestly wasn't bad and was very clear, but it didn't allow for changing our business model, allowing for other sources of income, and honestly is not as motivating as a DAILY DOLLAR SIGN MONEY GOAL. And, again, it wasn't on a big huge fucking sign that I could not miss seeing every day in letters and numbers bigger than any other writing in the house ("office" -- which is another issue). No, instead I had it handwritten ... and I thought it was pretty big and bold! On small post it notes BUT centered on a sort of "altar"/platform (that I could easily/painstakingly eventually avoid looking at). I also had a whole marbles-in-jars system to go with this that was pretty cool but did not result in achieving the necessary growth in member counts GO FIGURE, right?

One of the reasons I think it's worth following QK's example is SHE IS A FITNESS FREAK. She is a person who knows the importance of writing down the numbers and being disciplined about doing them. You can look at her body and follow her stories and see her in the gym and know it is about more than being hot and taking supplements. It is about DOING THE WORK. Consistently, like her sign says. When you do shit consistently, you get results. Body-building is the kind of "hobby" that is also an obsessive discipline with really concrete tangible measurable steps towards getting results.

Under her massage table is a big huge beach towel printed with a colorfully neon-splattered C-note. There is no distracting shit in her office. Her goals are CLEAR ... even on a client-facing account, which takes a whole other level of hutzpah if you don't specialize in findom and aren't framing it to serve fan fantasies rather than simply provide fuel and clarity for your own mission.

I'm impressed and inspired. And annoyed at myself that I still need permission and guidance and examples to do stuff that seems SO SIMPLE! But dude, it is another one of those "simple .... but not easy!" things.

It's not too late to put up a big sign! And try not to tremble with embarrassment and fear of failure.