Today I (finally) registered ... and set up hosting, installed wordpress and a theme.

I'm a domain/idea hoarder. Over the years (since I bought in 2001 or 2002) I've accumulated over a hundred of them.

Recently I started letting a few of them go, but I'm stubborn (and a hoarder). So I'm challenging myself to develop & monetize 101 of my domains in one year and share my progress as a webmaster here, as though it's an introductory class or project that I'm just beginning to document.

2018 is now 25% over and I only JUST bought & registered this domain, so my new goal is to launch WebWhore101 & REALLY begin the challenge on May 1st (in a month).

Will I have an empire of 101 domains done by May 1st, 2019? I'm excited to find out!

What I do know is documenting and sharing my progress here on this site is already helping me. Without anybody even knowing about it yet.

NOTE, September 17th, 2018: I postponed the date a couple of times from May Day to Labor Day ... to TODAY, my 45th half-birthday. Giving myself a year from today to have 101 productive sites!